RUN FOR YOUR LIVES is a themed event that combines running and the flag-tag game, set in a virus infected world.
Choose to be either an Infected (the catcher) and catch as many survivors as possible, or a Survivor (runner) and try to stay alive till the end with just three life flags in this make-believe virus infected world.

Please read the below information on what to expect when you participate in a RFYL event:
- Registration
- How to Play
- What to Bring
- Schedule
- Do’s & Don’ts


There will be limited entries and registration will be on first-come-first-served basis.
Registration is available only via the official RFYL website.
Payment methods accepted are Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or Unionpay.

Registration Fees

Survivor 138
Infected 198


Your Race Identification Tags and for Survivor: your life flags, will be issued to you on the Event Day.

Report at the respective registration counter to collect – Survivors: Reporting Centre, Infected: Infected Pit


Living or Infected, you will receive an awesome Run For Your Lives experience and a Survival Kit after your run:
- Run For Your Lives Event Tee
- Run For Your Lives Event Bag
- Finisher’s Medal*
- Special Premiums from our Sponsors
*Complete the evacuation with at least one life to receive the Survivor Medal, otherwise you will get the Infected Medal.


Run For Your Lives is essentially a modified game of flag tag. The difference is that the Survivor (the runner) runs a distance of approximately 5km with the Infected (the catchers) located along the route. There will be some simple obstacles along the route to simulate the things you need to do to overcome debris and fallen structures in an apocalyptic world.

Survivor Infected
Run as fast as you can, conquer the obstacles and escape from the Infected along the way, and reach the safe zone with at least one life flag intact.
1. Report to Registration 1hr before your wave time to check in and receive 3 life flags.Wear them around your waist; Do not hold on to it or hide it in any way. It has to be visible. You can still continue the race even after losing all your lives.
2. Deposit your belongings at the Bag Deposit Tent
3. Proceed to Start Point to begin your race
4. Run a distance of approximately 5km towards the safe zone and aim to have at least 1 life flag intact. There will be some obstacles and the Infected trying to grab your life flags along the way. Side-step and do short sprints to escape from the Infected.
5. Receive your survival kit when you reach the safe zone
Test your agility and quick hands and grab as many life flags as you can in your allocated area for a duration of 1.5hours
1. Report to the Infected Pit 2hrs before your wave time to get transformed into an Infected
2. Deposit your belongings at the Bag Deposit Area
3. Move to your allocated zombie area
4. Catch as many life flags as possible within the area for a duration of 1.5hours. Lots of side-stepping and quick sprints will be involved.
5. After your time is up, head back to the Infected Pit to receive your survival kit. You will not be able to run the course and the obstacles.


You will get wet and dirty but you'll have lots of fun in the process. Here’s a list of things to bring for the event.
- Your confirmation slip
- Your Identification card
- A change of clothing
- A change of footwear
- A towel (rinsing facilities are available onsite)
- Money for food and drinks
- Infected: an additional set of old clothes (to be ripped apart) as your zombie outfit


1、By Public Transport
花卉世界 No.104 (西丽动物园总站-宁水花园总站) No.108 (侨城东总站-火车站西广场) No.10 (黄埔雅苑总站-东湖公园南门总站) No.111(梅林一村总站-莲塘总站) No.123 (秀峰工业园总站-深圳湾口岸) No.237 (官龙村总站-田心村) No.25 (桃源村总站-京湖酒店) No.25 Interval Line,No.322,No.333, No.339, No.371, No.379, No.383, No.64, No.67, No.75, No.K105, No.M383, No.M389 Alight at 花卉世界,500m walk straight to 深圳中心公园-科普馆广场
笔架山公园站 No.102 (福田农批市场-京湖酒店) No.11 (景蜜村-国贸) No.209 (水贝总站-松坪山总站) No.213 (福田交通枢纽- 布吉联检站) No.216, No.234, No.302, No.302 Interval Line, No.30, No.317, No.317 Interval Line, No.323, No.357, No.365, No.398, No.46, No.58, No.59, No.79, No.B615, No.M202, No.M369, No.M401, No.M454, No.M481, No.N12, No.N6 Shenzhen Central Park-花卉世界 direction, 200m walk straight to 科普馆广场。
Hua Xin station: No.3 line, No.7 line Alight at Hua Xin station, Shenzhen Central Park-花卉世界 direction, 1200m walk straight to 科普馆广场


Please arrive at the venue earlier to report, collect your race pack and get ready to play. Refer to the table below on the reporting time.

SURVIVOR First wave at 17:00 (30min per wave)
Last wave at 21:00
1hr Before Registered Wave Time approx. 0.5hr
Infected First wave at 17:00 (70min per wave)
Last wave at21:00
1.5hrs before Registered Wave Time 1.5hrs

Do’s & Don’ts

Do arrive sober. Visibly intoxicated participants will not be allowed to participate in the race. Alcoholic beverages provided by the official beverage partner can only be consumed by participants above the legal drinking age of 18 No drugs, weapons or mock weapons, or outside food/beverages are allowed within the event premises.
Smile or pose when you see our official photographer. Your picture may be featured in our marketing and promotional materials, so make it a good one. No form of wheel-run objects of transport, e.g. inline skates, prams, push cars, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, are allowed on the race course during the race except official event and medical vehicles.
No pets are allowed into the event grounds. Not even if they’re trained to hunt Infected.
Wear your lifebelt on your waist, with one flag on the left and right each, and the last flag at the back. Life flags are to be clearly visible to Course Officials and the Infected. You may NOT take another Survivor’s flags or pick up flags off the ground.
In the event you have lost all your life flags, you do NOT become an Infected automatically but to continue and complete the race course.
Do try to complete all the obstacles. If you really can’t, you may skip the obstacle and continue the race. Do NOT cause direct and intentional physical contact with any Survivor or Infected. You are not to touch, hit, punch, tackle, roundhouse kick, slap, scratch, pinch, spit on, bite or any other violent conduct. Those in violation of this rule will be automatically disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund, at the discretion of the organizer.
The Infected may pull off flags from the escaping Survivors, but only one flag at a time. Giving Survivors a (false) hope of survival. Do NOT take more than 1 life flag from a survivor. In the event that you do, be a friendly Infected and return the extra life flags to him/her.
Use your speed, if not, overwhelm in numbers. It’s the battle for the living! Do NOT cause direct and intentional physical contact with any Survivor. Those in violation of this rule may be automatically disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund at the discretion of the organizer
All of the Infected are highly encouraged to complete the full Infected transformation process.